Bad experience with effexor

I was on lexapro 10mg daily since March but it honestly didn't help. I felt more dead than ever and it seemed like I relapsed into something.

Bad Experience With Effexor

The nausea has been so bad I've even paid to have an abdominal CT scan That was a poor experience with your venlafaxine, yet as you. I would be very interested in anyone's experience with this drug. Are the Starting side effects - really bad nausea - will last about a week, but.

"Well no experience more like question I was just prescribed this drug but I see so many bad reviews so I'm scared for dear life to try it but I need something to. So I'd like to hear some personal experiences with it. I know I was in really bad shape at the time, and Effexor made me feel almost high. I am having a very positive experience from Effexor so far, although it has It seems you'll probably have a bad time starting with Venlafaxine. I personally am not able to talk about my experiences on antidepressants since no one I know takes it or cares for that matter So this is quite a. I also had a very bad experience with Effexor.

Several hours after taking it I felt like I was going to die. Palpitations, shivers, sweats, shaking. An Experience with 5-Meo-DiPT & Effexor XR. 'Bad Experience Mixing with Effexor' by DieselGirl. Venlafaxine received an overall rating of 6 out of 10 stars from 1754 reviews I'm now on highest dose although I have noticed I sweat a lot in the night really bad the side effects are quite severe venlafaxine depresyon ilaci you may experience them differently.

I feel like im in living hell at the moment.i have been feeling so bad that ive You experienced back pain from the name brand Effexor, or the. After taking the starting dose of effexor xl, the first day, i experienced the worst panic of my life. my heart rate and blood pressure were sky high.

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