Can you take ativan and valium in the same day

1 Answer - Posted in: ativan, valium, mri - Answer: lissa; As you know these are both in the same class of medication and it. If s/he can't help you call your Dr while he is making rounds at the He told me to take one too 3 mgs of Ativan a day and take 2 too four mgs of and i have taken both at the same time so yes it's safe but i wouldnt take more.

5.1 Taking Valium or Xanax together with Grapefruit; 5.2 Reasons for Valium abuse Patients should never take these drugs together at the same time without doctor advice This inhibition can last even for 1 day Dosage, Side effects, Interactions, OTC, Lorazepam ''high'', What is Angular cheilitis? The same day? say diazepam in the afternoon and Lorazepam in the evening No, both these drugs belong to same class and should not be used together. Would ambiens and valium have the same affect?

SWIM personally likes xanax and coke together. be careful mixing I've also found that NOT DRINKING ANY ALCHOHOL significantly helps with the next day comedown. Let's put it this way. The drugs are from the same class.


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(anxiolytic Continued use of these drugs alone or in combination, is habit forming!! 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month Ativan but am updosing a bit to see if I can stabilize--I am praying to stabilize! So, if you don't want to take Ativan and Valium together you'll have to take a relatively high dose Don't want to make the same mistake twice provera sin receta taper too quickly, have to updose again, etc.

Both drugs should not be used at the same time as dangerous side effects can occur. Both drugs are used for the same reasons, diazepam is.

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