Codeine in kenya

Posts about codeine in kenya written by Its DavyJones Bitch. Acetylsalicylic Acid Alka-Seitzer Aspergic Asprin & Codeine Cafeno] Coryaid Cosmol Dopegyt Feldene lOmg. Feldene 20mg. Malidens Melabon-N MST. Results for Codeine. Codeine (Codeine phospahate) POM. Strength: 30 mg tabs. Packaging: 28s. Unit Cost: 0 Kshs. Total Cost: 0 Kshs. Quantity: 1, Quantity: 2. Facts and statistics about the Illicit drugs of Kenya (MS-Contin, Roxanol), codeine (Tylenol with codeine, Empirin with codeine, Robitussan AC), and thebaine.

The Aga Khan University hospital made a policy decision to remove all cough and cold medications from their pharmacies. Glycodin cough syrup contains codeine phosphate 10mg, Terpene hydrate 10mg, Menthol 3.75mg, Tolu 1.25ml, Vasaka extracts 0.235mls. Alembic Kenya's. Alkaloida Chemical. Lomapharm. Delmas Perfusion. ACF Chemicals Chemiefarma. Borna Drug House Ltd. Aiembic Chemical "Works. Benylin with Codeine. 300 mg., Phenylpropanolamine HCL 25 mg- Phcnyl- toloxamine Citrate 22 mg., Codeine Phosphate 15 mg.

Sparfloxacin 200 mg. Saibutamol Sulphate 4 mg. Actavis Promethazine Codeine cough syrup (both ., Nairobi NA. See ad content, contact the advertiser or browse other offers in Nairobi, related to Actavis. Nelstat Ointment Nystatin Usp 100,000 Units Universal Azithromycin bordetella pertussis 26th May 2011 21844 H2011/21844/261 Codeine Phosphate Tablets Codeine Phosphate.

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