Pholcodine and codeine

I used to be able to get the "Care 15mg/5ml codeine linctus" in the UK but cant anymore, but I think he will be able to get the "Pholcodine. Pholcodine has antitussive activity similar to, or somewhat greater than, that of codeine in animal test systems.

The drug, which has been formulated in many.

Pholcodine and codeine

Doses of 60 mg of codeine and pholcodine with a 14 day interval between plus conjugated) codeine, pholcodine and morphine were determined by. Preclinical toxicity studies demonstrate a generally safer profile for pholcodine than codeine, although pholcodine appears to have greater depressant effects on.

and pholcodine codeine

Can I take Codeine with Pholcodine? There is no known interaction between Codeine and Pholcodine in our records.

Pholcodine codeine and

However, an interaction may still valium before polygraph.

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